GF and Caritas Switzerland act together to bring access to clean water

GF and Caritas Switzerland extend their partnership for improving access to clean drinking water by another four years. The Clean Water Foundation of GF will provide a further CHF 1 million for this purpose.

For the tenth anniversary of its Clean Water Foundation in 2012, GF concluded an agreement with Caritas Switzerland to provide access to clean drinking water. Thanks to this partnership, more than 40 000 people worldwide have benefited from a sustainably improved supply of drinking water. This successful partnership will be pursued. GF is funding another CHF 1 million for realizing drinking water projects with Caritas.

"The supply of clean, potable water is one of the major global challenges. As a specialist of water networks, we understand well its importance and are happy to contribute together with Caritas to making this valuable resource available to those who need it most. Caritas is a reliable partner which guarantees the sustainability of our projects as well as the efficient deployment of the resources. This is a collaboration we very much appreciate", says Yves Serra, CEO of GF.

Hugo Fasel, Director of Caritas Switzerland, calls the renewal of the close partnership with GF a milestone: "Access to clean drinking water continues to be a key area in the fight against global poverty. This is why we are so pleased that this partnership will be extended. As a company, GF is sending out an important signal for sustainable development aid cooperation."

Within the framework of the partnership, GF and Caritas Switzerland will continue their regular exchange of information between the partners' technical specialists. The GF Piping Systems division, which operates in more than 100 countries, will continue to advise Caritas with its know-how and expertise in water treatment and supply. The primary aim is to bring about tangible improvements to drinking water access through the use of innovative methods combined with locally available technologies. In total, GF has invested close to CHF 9 million in the Clean Water Foundation, which was founded in 2002, and has thereby sustainably improved access to drinking water for more than 250 000 people.

Common projects

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Restoring the Water Supply of Balačići VillageProject, ongoing, donation: CHF 50 000

Restoring the Water Supply of Balačići Village

After the devastating floods last year, 140 families in the Bosnian village Balačići still lack clean drinking water. In a reconstruction project, Caritas Switzerland helps them build a new water reservoir - with support of GF’s Clean Water Foundation.

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Tadjikistan - Muniabad

Clean Water and Caritas Project in TajikistanProject 107, ongoing, donation: CHF 30 000

Installation of a water distribution system

In five rural communities, the Clean Water Foundation finances spring protections and the installation of water distribution systems. This will guarantee a sustainable access to save drinking water from individual and metered household connections and a major improvement of the hygienic conditions.

The Clean Water Foundation is implementing this project in cooperation with the Swiss organization Caritas. It is a comprehensive program which further includes a training in water management and hygiene, an approval of the existing water committee and the calculation of a fair price for the drinking water.

South Sudan

Clean Water and Caritas Project in South SudanProject 106, ongoing, donation: CHF 40 000

Building of a rock catchment system

The Clean Water Foundation finances the building of a rock catchment system in a rural village of South Sudan. With artificial guttering, the rainwater which drains off a rock surface is canalized and stored in reservoirs. This tanks guarantee the supply of water throughout the year, also in the dry seasons.

This system of collecting water not only provides the people with clean drinking water, it is also cheaper than with other methods. The Project is implemented with the organization Caritas Switzerland, which has already carried out several projects in the region and is closely working together with the locals.

Pakistan - Kashmore

Clean Water and Caritas Project in PakistanProject 108, ongoing, donation: CHF 52 500

Aiding reconstruction

Not only the lack of water, but also the quality of the drinking water is a major problem which causes bad hygienic conditions and water borne diseases. In phase II of post-disaster operation, the Clean Water Foundation finances the reparation and improvement of the water supply systems and the overhaul of hand pumps, pipes and water tanks in the most affected area of Kashmore.

The supported project is implemented by the organization Caritas Switzerland. Further, this rehabilitation project involves trainings in hygiene questions, the building of latrines and the maintenance of the water supply systems.