16 apprentices to take part in project week in Bolivia

At the end of July 2018, 16 apprentices at GF will set off to Bolivia to join a development project week. There, they will work together with local pupils and young people. The apprentices will share their experiences in the Bolivia blog.

16 apprentices to take part in project week in Bolivia In order to build team spirit and set common goals, both participants and tutors got together in Central Switzerland at the start of May 2018 for a preparation weekend.

The apprentices and their five tutors will face plain living conditions at 4’000 meters above sea level, a completely new perspective on life, and without doubt an unforgettable experience.

For this development project week sixteen young people aged between 17 and 23 will fly to La Paz in Bolivia between July 28 and August 5 2018 to meet other young people and to get to know their living conditions. This includes taking part in social and cultural projects, such as drinking water supplying in rural communities and visiting an emergency overnight accommodation for young women. The development project week is an initiative of GF to mark 100 years of apprenticeship within the company, in collaboration with Wibilea AG and the aid organization Caritas Switzerland.

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