Aiding Reconstruction

The Clean Water Foundation does not provide emergency assistance, but it is involved in phase two of post-disaster operations. At this time, the focus is on rebuilding infrastructures – at least to the point that affected individuals can get by during a transition period lasting a few months to several years.

Clean Water in Haiti

Haiti’s tragic toll after the earthquake of January 12, 2010 was more than 300'000 dead, one million homeless, fear, hunger, and thirst. In that kind of a situation, the availability of clean drinking water is a must for survivors and a sign of hope. Right after news of the disaster broke, the Clean Water Foundation donated USD 50'000 in emergency aid funds. Then, employees at GF Piping Systems in Tustin, California stepped in with their expertise. Within a few days, technicians and engineers had built a water line system, which anyone could install, made of plastic and with six tapping points each.

  • Reconstruction together with the Water Missions International
    aid organization
  • Construction and allocation of water distribution systems
  • Clean drinking water for hundreds of people on a daily basis

The systems were connected to the water treatment facilities belonging to the Water Missions International organization, thereby providing clean drinking water for the stricken population. What was created in response to an emergency went on to stay in place because the distribution system was ideally suited for long-term development aid due to its lightweight construction and sturdiness.

Clean Water

Clean Water