Storing Water

In many regions of the world, there are distinct dry and rainy seasons. For that reason, clean, fresh drinking water in sufficient quantities is only available in certain times of the year. The construction of rain water storage systems and water tanks makes this precious liquid available when times are dry.

Clean Water in Mozambique

For about 70 percent of the people living in Mozambique, obtaining drinking water is a daily battle. In the Province of Cabo Delgado, women, who are traditionally responsible for getting water, must often plan on walking for hours in dangerous conditions to bring back just a few liters of water. Partnering with the Helvetas aid organization, the Clean Water Foundation has completed several water projects in Mozambique.

  • Completion of several projects with Helvetas
  • Helvetas receives the Energy Globe Award 2007 for drinking
    water projects in Cabo Delgado
  • Clean drinking water for 38'000 people in Cabo Delgado

With the objective of improving hygiene conditions and ultimately raising the life expectancy (currently 36 years on average), the Clean Water Foundation participated in building a new water supply system and servicing the time-worn one in Ntamba. The active involvement of local communities and workers made it possible, among other things, to repair diesel engines, replace water mains to the pump stations, and clean up reservoirs and tapping points. The project’s positive outcome now benefits about 38'000 people in 12 villages.

Clean Water

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