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GF Casting Solutions is a technologically pioneering development partner and manufacturer of lightweight casting solutions and systems made of aluminum, magnesium, and iron for the global automotive industry as well as for industrial applications.

GF Casting Solutions
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Lightweight constructions save energy

The highly complex lightweight components contribute to making modern vehicles lighter and reducing the CO2 emissions.

The core competence is the development and the production of light metal and iron cast components for passenger cars and trucks and industrial applications. For years, research and development has been driven by efforts to lower CO2 emissions and to reduce vehicle weight.

GF Casting Solutions Cross car beam: the large and complex magnesium component is rich in casted features.
GF Casting Solutions Battery housing for e-mobility: the lightweight component offers a high functional integration in one large part.

Aesthetic components for tomorrow’s lighting

Next to complex lightweight components for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, the portfolio of GF Casting Solutions is supplemented by the aesthetic components for housings of street and industrial lightings.

GF Casting Solutions Lighting housing for the new generation of LED street lighting: aesthetic component with reduced weight.
GF Casting Solutions
Business Areas

First choice for castings

GF Casting Solutions is a technologically pioneering development partner and manufacturer of lightweight cast components and systems made of ductile iron, aluminum, and magnesium for the global automotive industry as well as a variety of other industrial applications. The highly complex lightweight components contribute to making modern vehicles lighter and reduce their CO2 emissions.

GF Casting Solutions manufactures at 13 production sites in Germany, Austria, Romania, China, and the USA. In those countries as well as in Switzerland, Korea, and Japan the division also operates sales offices. The lightweight research and development competency is in Schaffhausen (Switzerland) and Suzhou (China).

GF Casting Solutions is the first choice for passenger vehicle, truck and industry applications. GF Casting Solutions is the technology and market leader in Europe for all the casting processes and materials (iron, aluminum, magnesium) used in the series production of drive systems, chassis and bodywork.

After the acquisition of two die-casting facilities in Romania in December 2017, GF Casting Solutions has added the lighting segment to its portfolio and extended its offer of components for passenger cars. The focus is not only on the high-pressure die-casting process, but also on the elaborate mechanical processing.

The new tool shop in Suzhou, China as well as our partnership with the leading mold maker Meco Eckel boosts the competitiveness of our light-metal offering. The partnership with Meco Eckel will allow to earlier involve the component design, speed up the design-to-production processes, and ensure a seamless service for our customers.

GF Casting Solutions GF lightmetal products

GF Casting Solutions announces a 50/50 joint venture with the world leading machining specialist Linamar Corp., Guelph (Ontario, Canada). Together, GF and Linamar Corp. invest in a new high-pressure die-casting plant in the Southeast of the US which was ceremoniously opened in October 2017.


Expertise, innovation and quality

GF Casting Solutions understands die casting and iron sand casting like no other and is your supplier for highly stress-resistant cast components at  high quality from small series to high volume output.

The division compares materials and processes, determines key material data and tests components in our accredited lab. Thanks to our extensive development and production know-how, the development time between prototype and series product is significantly reduced.

Research & Development

Energy efficiency is a hallmark of quality

Energy efficient components contribute actively toward CO2 reduction. GF Casting Solutions develops casting processes for components that by means of lightweight design and downsizing reduce vehicle weight and thus also fuel consumption. By optimizing structures, GF Casting Solutions create hollow, thin-walled castings with consistent or even better stability - and save up to ten percent in weight.

At GF Casting Solutions have a large number of specialists employed in research and development. Approximately three percent of annual revenue is spent on R&D.


Lightweight design for the premium segment

GF Automotive

Dynamic, safe and efficient: with the new A8, premium car manufacturer Audi has excelled itself in its core competence of lightweight design. For the car body, the so-called Audi Space Frame, GF Automotive (since 16th April 2018 GF Casting Solutions) provides eleven ultra-light aluminum and magnesium castings – more than ever before. More information

Lightweight construction for a Chinese heavyweight

GF Automotive

SAIC Volkswagen, a joint venture between the VW Group and SAIC Motor, is the leading car manufacturer in the world’s biggest automotive market China. Bionic lightweight construction components made by GF Automotive (since 16th April 2018 GF Casting Solutions) have been used for years to reduce weight in these cars, including from 2017 in the new flagship SUV for the Chinese market. More information

Precision in car steering

GF Automotive

ThyssenKrupp Presta AG is the world’s foremost manufacturer of car steering systems. GF Automotive (since 16th April 2018 GF Casting Solutions) provides the sector leader with special cast parts for adjustable steering columns: millions of these parts are supplied to sites all over the world. GF has even developed a special mold concept so that the finished components do not require elaborate finishing. More information