Sustainability at GF

At GF, sustainability means responsible business conduct – thinking and acting for the long-term to ensure successful economic performance through business driven in harmony with the environment and society.

Good Corporate Governance lays the foundation for the way our business is conducted day to day. As a company with a 200-year history, GF is built on respect for the people who make our operations tick and on customer-centricity. We strive to achieve the highest levels of quality and create added value for customers while staying abreast of technological developments, innovating and evolving in step with times.

We are an organization representing a wide range of businesses and cultures. As one Corporation, we pride ourselves on our reputation, and we seek to foster a respectful, engaging, and motivating working environment for the diverse family of our employees.

As an industrial company it is our key responsibility to take care of the safety standards of our facilities and to do our utmost to drive accident-free operations. Therefore, we place a particularly strong focus on anchoring safety in every GF site worldwide.

We also continuously invest in upgrading our production and office locations to make them more efficient and reduce any negative impact on the environment.

The role of and responsibility of GF in society extends beyond the direct operations of the company, as we work with, and touch through our activities, a broad range of stakeholders. GF addresses the wide spectrum of sustainability topics in all steps of its value chain, and we look forward to continuously deepening our engagement

Value chain of GF at a glance


A key aspect of GF’s Strategy 2020, across the three divisions, is the transformation of GF from a pure product and system provider to a provider of integrated solutions. The goal is to support customers in the most meaningful way with added-value services over the entire lifecycle of offered solutions. Here, sustainability aspects of our products play an integral role in achieving the purpose of all our business activities. For GF Piping Systems, this refers to ensuring and safeguarding long-lasting, leak-free and high quality transportation of water, gases and chemicals. For GF Casting Solutions – this means designing and producing lightweight components for the next generation of mobility solutions. For GF Machining Solutions – this is providing our customers with modern high-precision machines and solutions that significantly improve the energy-efficiency of product manufacturing in a variety of segments, including aerospace, ICT, and med-tech.

Sustainability Targets 2020

Our commitments

GF is a participant of UN Global Compact

GF is a Participant of UN Global Compact

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Head Corporate Sustainability
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Sustainability Report 2017

Sustainability Report 2017
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