122nd Annual Shareholders' Meeting

At the 122nd Annual Shareholders’ Meeting held on 18 April 2018, the shareholders of Georg Fischer Ltd approved all proposals of the Board of Directors.

Dear shareholders

For the second time, the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting took place at the IWC Arena in Schaffhausen. A total of 874 shareholders were present with 65’691 votes. In addition, the independent proxy represented 2’149’638 of the votes. This presence corresponds to 76.14% of the shareholder votes entered in the share register with voting rights.

All nine members of the Board of Directors were re-elected, and Andreas Koopmann was confirmed as Chairman. In an advisory vote, the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting approved the 2017 Compensation Report as well as the future maximum compensation of both the Board and the Executive Committee. It also approved the distribution of a dividend amounting to CHF 23 per share (previous year CHF 20).