During the summer holidays, 16 apprentices of GF travelled to Bolivia for a development project week at the end of July. They had the opportunity to get in touch with young local people and visited rural villages, which benefit from a drinking water supply thanks to GF and Caritas Switzerland. The project week is an initiative of GF to mark 100 years of apprenticeship within the company and was organized by the GF Clean Water Foundation. The thorough preparation of the 16 apprentices included Spanish classes and a weekend in the Swiss mountains. 

In Bolivia, they helped in a variety of ways. For example, they brightened up the village square of Caracato together with the local population and worked in a night shelter for young women in El Alto. 

A warm welcome

The citizens of the small village Ocuire warmely welcomed the guests from Switzerland and naturally invited them to a joint dancing ritual.

Ramon Grunschnig Ramon Grunschnig

Statement from Ramon Grutschnig

For Ramon Grutschnig, apprentice in computer science at GF Casting Solutions this year, the cooperation with the young local people was a unique experience: “Above all, I found the last two days very exciting, as we were able to develop our creativity with painting and got in touch with the girls from ENDA, a partner organization of Caritas. It was natural and not forced.”

Jasmina von Arx Jasmina von Arx

Statement from Jasmina von Arx

Jasmina von Arx, who is doing an apprenticeship as a plastics technologist at GF Piping Systems, was also impressed by the experiences in Bolivia: “I was very impressed by the way that people here dealt with their problems and how strong they are. The fact that despite everything they were still able to smile and be happy impressed me a lot. I also think that La Paz has a great cable car system.”

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