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Ecuador - Guangaje

The project focused on improving healthcare based on establishing satisfactory hygiene in the groundwater and securing the supply of food. In collaboration with the organisation SWISSAID, existing drinking water systems were renewed and expanded, benefiting a total of 2'500 local inhabitants. Due to the installation of additional water reservoir tanks and wash basins, the local people now enjoy a secure supply of clean drinking water. The work was carried out by the local people themselves with the support of SWISSAID. A water engineer was responsible for technical issues while the so-called water facilitator provided organisational support for the construction work.

Stable water supply

The inhabitants of Guangaje have a fully functioning water supply facility. The amount of water available to all families has been increased by the renewal and expansion of the existing drinking water systems.

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  • Some 2'500 people benefit from the project measures
  • Four existing drinking water systems were renewed
  • Installation of wash basins in every household
  • Local inhabitants were connected to the supply network
  • Cooperation with SWISSAID
  • Construction period: One year