Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Filipovici

In cooperation with the Mettmann-Gorazde-Friendship-Association with which GF Casting Solutions in Mettmann (Germany) has had strong ties for years, the Clean Water Foundation funded the construction of a water reservoir and the building of a water supply system in Filipovici.

Agriculture possible again

The project was successfully completed after a construction period of only twelve months. Since then the 1'000 inhabitants of Fililipovici have had permanent access to clean drinking water again. They no longer have to drive long distances to procure drinking water, and agriculture can smoothly flourish again.

  • Building of a water reservoir and a water supply system in Filipovici
  • Access to clean drinkin water for 1'000 people
  • Covering long distances to procure water no longer¬†necessary
  • Agriculture possible again
  • Cooperation with the Mettmann-Gorazde-Friendship-Association
  • Construction time: 1 year